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Tubular sweeping brush

Tubular sweeping brush

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Tubular sweeping brush

    Sweeping brush main products: wire disc brush, square brush, wafer brush, round brush, intermediate roller brush, side brush, main brush, wire roller brush, snow removal brush, multi-function ice-breaking snow brush, etc. more than 300 specifications Variety.

    Applicable to all kinds of domestic and imported road cleaning vehicles, snow removal vehicles, guardrail cleaning vehicles, is an ideal choice for street, airport runways, highways, port terminals, road construction cleaning, snow removal.


    Product description




    1 Material for steel tube PP pipe

          Inner tube diameter:  50mm-320mm

          Broom diameter:  50mm-1160mm


    2 Material for bristle:  Poly.

          Poly specification: PP, PBT, PVC, Nylon  (0.2mm-4.0mm)


     Fixation:  Flocking by machine.


    Product features


    Advanced production technology:


    1)  Fully automatic production line, CNC drilling and flocking are completed simultaneously.

    2)  The structure is firmer, the brush never falls off, forks or falls.

    3)  The brush wire is neatly arranged, its grounding force is uniform, and it is beautiful and durable.


    Unique brush bristle formula:


    1)  Enhanced high-strength polymer filaments, its hardness reaches 23 HRC Rockwell, the low temperature embrittlement point is -55 degrees Celsius, and the wear resistance is three times that of ordinary filament.

     2) High-end products with high-quality corrugated spring steel wire, hardness up to 41 HRC, it has strong toughness and high bending strength.


    Product price

1)  Product quotation elements: tube diameterwire material and sizeshape of the products.

    2)  MOQ: no less than 5 sets.


    Our service

1)  Deliver on time, we all use automated production, with a daily output of 600 - 1200. According to the quantity of purchases, the delivery period generally does not exceed 15 days. For more than 5,000 single purchases, the delivery time will be agreed upon separately.

    2)  Supporting service, providing cleaning system design and shape consultation, brush shaft, drive system, peripheral accessories supply.

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