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Disc brush sweep

Steel wire side broom

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Steel wire side broom

    Disc brush sweep------- Also known as side brush, side brush, gutter broom.


    Product Usage:  As a road sweeper accessory, it is mainly used for cleaning and snow removal. Disc brushes of different material structure are suitable for street, industrial and mining sites, airport runways, highways, ore pier cleaning.


    Product description:




    Oil and gas power cleaning vehicle side brush, brush wire material:  high strength polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, oil quenched flat steel wire, spring steel wire;

    Brush plate material:  engineering plastics.


    Process structures:

    1)  Brush wire fixing process:  interspersed, implanted and card slot .

    2)  Brush plate structure:  integral brush plate.


    Product features:


    1) Firm structure, World brush industry adopts five-axis automatic hair-planting machine, CNC oil-hardened steel wire flattening and cutting production line, and steel wire automatic bending and inserting machine to manufacture disc brush, which not only saves a lot of manpower, but also makes the product structure more firm.

    2) Durability, this product uses high quality tempered 65# manganese steel flattened wire, the hardness is up to 44HRC, the steel wire has strong toughness and high bending strength.

    3) Neat appearance, the traditional domestic process is a semi-automatic planting, hand-bending and interspersed brushing process. And we use a lot of numerical control equipment instead of labor, and the appearance of the product is more neat and standardized.

    4) High cost performance, the unique brushing technology and automated production equipment not only greatly improve the service life of our products, but also reduce the production cost. Reliable quality and affordable price are one of our core competencies.


    Product price


    1) Product quotation elements: Brush plate material  and size, brush wire material and size, process structure;

    2) MOQ: no less than 30 pieces.


    Our service


    1)  Deliver on time, we all use automated production, with a daily output of 600 - 1200. According to the quantity of purchases, the delivery period generally does not exceed 15 days. For more than 5,000 single purchases, the delivery time will be agreed upon separately.

    2)  Supporting service, providing cleaning system design and shape consultation, brush shaft, drive system, peripheral accessories supply.


    Product application exampleSchwarze M6000, Tennant 830, Tymco 210, Johnston 3000/4000, Elgin Pelican, Allianz MS/MT 350Dulevo 5000.


    Product specifications and dimensions:

    Due to the implementation of different quality systems and standard systems in the main R&D and production sites of road sweepers in the United States, Europe, and China, the size specifications of such brushes have increased in recent years. The products listed below are not listed, please contact us for customization!


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