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To understand the type and use of industrial hair brush through the overall market

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 1, horse nail machine plant brush: the traditional craft of brush, brush in the surface of the roller or brush plate punching, after using a horse flocking machine will brush Mao Yishu to implant a bunch of brush brush roller or board, made out by the process of brush is most widely used products, one is the cost is low, brush as consumable, cost must be considered. But horse nail brush roller made of flocking there are several disadvantages: one is the density is not enough, because of punching flocking there must be a certain distance between each hole, a spacing cannot be rooted out the effect of high density, in some special industries require high density brush roll to homework will not be able to use this kind of horse nail machine plant hair brush roll; The second is the adhesion strength of the wire brush fastness is not enough, the so-called horse nail flocking method is to use the wire through a convex slot is pressed into a "U" shaped clasp, buckle used to brush wire after implant good hole and button "U" shaped cross in the hole after deep hole card, which will make the combination wire brush on the roll shaft, but tension is limited, if in some special industries need high speed on the brush roll of homework, this process to create was not ideal.

 2, spring brush: spring brush process made of brush roller has solved the problems such as high density and strong fastness, and make the article after the first brush device press by a steel wire brush into aluminum belt or brush is made of stainless steel strip, and then wrapped around the roll shaft, two head using the pot welding weld, in some special industrial production, still need to make it with a certain interval of spring brush, because want to consider the special effect such as dirt.
 3, tabletting brush: is to brush wire closely packed together, and in particular the mold used steel plates by punching machine brush wheel is made of one piece, the more you can be in making brush roll pieces of string together brush wheel fixed on the roller, the process of brush brush made of silk highest density can be done, but the downside is that cost is higher, and make the efficiency is slow.
 4, injection molding, brush: arrange the wire brush is put into a special mould, and then use injection wire brush and brush board together to form an organic whole, the advantages of this technology is that the bristles high binding force as combined with brush plate already, the sanitation car road sweeper brush is made of the process.

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