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Industry dynamic

The establishment of the anhui hairbrush association gave the company a glimpse into the industry

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 System of China is the world's brush industry power, according to authorities, accounts for about 80% share of the global trade in brush class, while giving full play to the advantages of traditional products, we continuously introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, successively osborne brush-making association with the United States, the UK durban KeYaBo brush industry company, Japan's m refined brush co., LTD, showa brush industrial co., LTD, Taiwan MingZhong industrial brush and other companies and organizations to establish good relations of cooperation, mutual exchanges, learn from each other, continuously enterprising, make us enormously, yong climbing industrial brush the peak of my career.

 Two months before the establishment of association, the joint efforts of qianshan county government joint source pool Zhen Town mansion, the advertising investment of more than ten thousand yuan, in anhui province, we are familiar with Ann high-speed intersection, which is just coming into the anhui province hefei high-speed intersection, we clearly see a huge billboard brush association, it reads "brush production base in China, qianshan source lake town, anhui brush association".
 In this moment let us as a part of the brush production, the in the mind very excited, brush yourself for so many years, for the first time to see so eye-catching advertising on the highway, one heart to move, there are no regrets in this life is engaged in the brush, brush the industry is promising, we have the confidence, for all walks of life to provide quality article brush roller, brush, brush brush to class products is our current efforts to do things, believe that with the support of the government and the support of the masses of customers, buried hill brush will more walk more far, more walk more good.

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