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The production process of sweeping brush, large sweep brush and loader brush roller

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 Large sweep road roller and large snow roller is approximately the same production process, now I in the form of text and images to describe the whole production process, has the need to purchase and road roller, snow sweeper brush roller roller and loader units and individuals can contact me, communicate with each other.

 Step 1: make the middle iron ring. It is made of iron plate with a thickness of 1.0 to 1.8. The machine is then pressed into a v-shape, the other end is a word, then the circle is pressed, and the two ends are welded to death.

 Step 2: produce the prescribed PP wire and galvanized steel wire, and then manually make it into a fixed steel wire.

 The wire that is made is fixed in the hollow iron ring, and the steel wire inside is tight, make it fixed, it is the style that is fixed.

 The press machine is used to suppress the flat and concave type.

 The third step is the core. First, draw the drawing according to the requirements of the unit, the length of shaft core, shaft head, keyway, cover, square steel and so on are prepared according to the drawing.

 And then the keyway, in the welding square. It is the core of the form.

 The final step is to install the brush on the shaft core, the whole sweep road roller brush, sweep the snow roller to achieve success!!!

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